Power-Con: America's Mightiest Toy Convention
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He-Mart used to be called the He-Store. And as many dedicated He-Man and She-Ra fans like yourself know, the He-Store was where you went for great deals, collectibles and service from fans just like you.

The He-Store started in 2003 and popped up from time to time with rare items and cool collectibles. And we've moved to Shopify because it's a fantastic platform for selling you what you want. And the He-Mart is no different. It's only online while we have something awesome to offer at Power-Con or He-Man.Org.

When it comes to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and She-Ra: Princess of Power, we know those brands like the back of our hands. So what we offer for sale, and the care we put into packing and shipping them, is catered directly to fans.

If you have any questions on concerns, please click here to access our Contact form. Thank you!